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Getting Started

How to get started?

We will soon have a demonstrable app online which will go through all the details, but it's pretty simple. This is the process for personal use with 2 gymsym sensors. Step 1: Download the app and setup your profile. The easiest way to setup your profile is to connect it with an existing profile such as Google Fit or Facebook. This will save you having to enter in your details. gymsym will also connect with 3D bodyscans to allow you to customise and create your own avatar.

Step 2: Connect the equipment. It is recommended that all equipment be tagged or QR enabled before using gymsym. gymsym will have a database of over 5000 peices of equipment from all the major providers. It takes less than 30 seconds to tag a piece of equipment.

  • Select from database
  • Pair to NFC tag or QR Code
  • Stick tag or QR Sticker on equipment
Equipment that already has QR codes does not need to be tagged. Step 3: Connect gymsym. gymsym can be used as a single unit for most exercises. The second sensor is required for exercises with alternating movements (single arm machines or dumbbells)
  • Plate Loaded Machines - attach the sensors to end of plate(s) or barbell.
  • Pin Loaded Machines - attach the sensor to the pin(s).
  • Other Exercises - use attachments to make gymsym a wearable device.
The ideal setup is to have all equipment tagged or QR enabaled with gymsym sensors on each equipment.

How does it work?

After the initial setup, the process is set and forgot. The next time you workout, simply open your app and walk upto any gymsym enabled equipment.

  • Tap on to select the equipment or exercise.
  • Load up your weights.
  • Start training.
gymsym will automatically log:
  • exercise
  • weight used per set
  • number of sets
  • number of reps per set
Additional metrics can also be viewed, these include:
  • form (symmetry, height, tilt, twist motions)
  • speed
  • velocity
  • power

Will gymsym be FDA approved?

gymsym is not considered a medical device. The purpose of gymsym is to automate the otherwise manual process of recording your workout data. gymsym is a notification device, although this workout data can be shared with qualified fitness professionals who may notify the user if they notice inconsistencies.

Where can I try gymsym?

gymsym will be available at selected fitness centres. The devices will be free to use for the duration of your workout. Our first rollout will be in Australia, followed by USA. If your local fitness centre doesn't know about gymsym, please ask them to contact us.

Will there be different colour options?

Yes, we will have various skins available.

Can multiple people use the same device?

Yes, one device can work for multilpe users, but only one user at a time. During a set or motion, th device is locked to the current user. On completion of the set, the next user can tap on and start thier set. If you have a regular training partner, gymsym can be preset to automatically switch users.

Can gymsym be used for other applications?

Yes, it can be used for any application where motion tracking is required. Users can import any object files or scan any object using a 3D scanner. Let's say you want to lift a box, you will firstly need to scan the box or enter it's dimensions, then it becomes a piece of equipment. In future, we plan to use object recognition technology to automatically add anything you want.


What does it cost to use gymsym?

Hardware: For personal use, users will need to purchase a starter pack containing the devices. Pricing information will be available shortly. If your fitness centre already has gymsym, then the devices will be available to use for the duration of your workout, at no upfront cost to the user.
Software App: For personal use, the gymsym app will be free to download and use. Free Version:

  • Auto-Exercise Recognition
  • Auto-Weight Logging
  • Auto-Set Logging
  • Auto-Rep Logging
For advanced features, users will need to either have a premium membership or be a member of a fitness club that has a gymsym subscription.
  • Premium Version: $1USD per month
  • API integrations (Fitbit, Strava, Google Fit etc...)
  • Form (Symmetry, Height, Tilt, Twist Motions)
  • Speed
  • Velocity
  • Power

Why is it a subscription model pricing?

$3 USD per month, if you train 30 days per month, thats only 10 cents per workout for the convenience of automated tracking.
Lower upfront costs: With a SaaS model, we are able to offer the starter pack at a much lower upfront cost.

Server Costs: All your data needs to be securely stored, that includes everyone one of your exercises, sets, reps, form and much more. This adds up to millions of data points which requires high-end servers to manage all this data securely. Updates: We plan on continously developing and improving the software. This includes security patches, feature requests and improving the user experience.

Software Application

What are you offering in terms of products & servicess?

B2B: Equipment Suppliers, Fitness Centres, Sports Teams & Personal Trainers

  • White-labeled devices for direct embeddment into new equipment.
  • Custom-Branded devices that can be retro-fitted to existing equipment.
  • An API that can be integrated with existing applications.
  • Charging docks to allow for rapid charging of additional devices.
  • On-going support.
B2C: End-User
  • gymsym devices for personal use.
  • gymsym application for personal use
  • An API to allow for connectivity with existing fitness apps.
  • Charging dock with fast-charging.
  • On-going support

Can I use my existing fitness profiles to sign up?

Yes, we will be intergrating with existing platforms such as Google Fit, Fitbit, Strava, Apple Health and more. The most convienient way will be to sign up using a 3D body scanner software. This will allow premium users to see virtual replays of thier workouts using a custom avatar.
You will also be able to sign up with Instagram, Facebook and other services, but then you may have to manually enter some personal data such as your height and weight.


Who owns the data?

Members will have access to a free application that is provided by the gym/fitness centre. By default, this data is owned by the member, but fitness centres and gymsym will have permission to view this data for the purpose of offering personalised programs, professional advice and marketing material. Members can choose to revoke this permission and have complete control of their data by paying a monthly subscription fee of $1USD.

How is it powered?

gymsym will feature an all week swapable battery. The device stays on standby mode to conserve power and wakes up upon motion.
The device will come with a wireless charging pad that can be expanded to charge multiple units at once. The charing station will work with both 110V and 240V AC, including values inbetween this.

How long will the battery last?

How strong is the device?

We are making the device to withstand forces of 300kgs. So even if you drop a barbell from overhead height, it will not affect the sensing devices. The device has no moving parts and uses a combination of graphene and nylon silicon plastic for the outer casing.

Is it waterproof or sweatproof?

Yes, the device will have an IP68 rating, meaning it will survive a journey in a washing machine.

Can the device fall of the equipment?

For personal use: We are using the worlds strongest and thinnest nano magnets to ensure that the devices do not fall of during regular exercise. We do want users to be able to use a devices on multiple machines For commercial use: There is an option to lock the devices into place, meaning they will not be able to be removed without a special tool.


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