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custom smart
gym equipment system

Turn any existing gym machine into smart gym equipment


your benefits

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Allow customers to track their progress

With SOLO Workout, your customers will be able to track their training, check workout history, and create plans - everything in one app

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Track machine

usage data

The SOLO Panel allows you to see popularity and usage of machines in the fitness club



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The SOLO system is battery powered. You get intelligent machines without worrying about additional costs

the easiest way to get connected

Just install SOLO Workout smart sensors to turn any machine into Smart Gym equipment. Mounted sensors are concealed and the login unit is attached in a place convenient for the user

Easy installation does not require any special knowledge and complicated tools. SOLO makes it possible to integrate various types of gym equipment into one, coherent system

anyone can
do it!


your Smart Gym in three steps:

Schedule a meeting with us

Contact us through the "contact" tab. Our sales team will be happy to provide all the important information about the SOLO System

We will install SOLO System in your gym

The SOLO system consists of several elements mounted on each machine. We can equip up to 100 machines per day. During the installation, customers can still exercise

Monitor the popularity of the equipment

It is that simple! Now you can collect machines usage data and your customers are able to track their workouts

custom branded gym solution


We understand the value of your brand and made sure that our solutions are your solutions, with custom colours, logos and themes available for premium customers on sensors and application

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contact us for more details!

It's done!

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