we make
regular gym
equipment smart

The SOLO system retrofits to your existing gym machines. The no-fuss way to upgrade your gym facility


how it works?


The SOLO system can be installed just by one night. You don't need to make any breaks at work.


Sit back and monitor your entire connected gym floor from any location


The user-friendly application makes it realy simple to sync your equimpent

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the simplest way to modernise your gym

The application collects data about series, reps, weight, and exercises time. In the case of a planned workout, the app also shows the assumptions of the individual exercises. During the exercise, the user can go to any view of the application.

set and forget


We understand that your busy running your gym, so we've ensured that the smart gym solutions require minimal maintenance.

It's a set and forget solution that you and your staff will love.

optimise your gym floor

 gym owners can also know exactly which equipment is being used, who is using it and how it's being used. Optimise your gym floor with our friendly dashboard

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supports a full range of equipment


coming soon!



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