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train smart with
solo workout

The easiest way to track your workouts and create personalised training plans. Follow your progress          with SOLO Workout

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features of SOLO App

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Easy connection to

SOLO system

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Allows to arrange personalized workouts for each day

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Check your results & follow your progress

real-time data

SOLO App makes collecting workout data easier than ever. Just tap and get started. It automatically tracks sets, reps, weight used, dynamics, time, range of lifting, and distance for cardio workouts. It shows the progress of your current plan and displays all the important metrics

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how it works

Download the SOLO App and tap on to any SOLO-connected equipment. Focus on training, your workout-related data is automatically displayed and registered in real-time. All the stats are stored in the cloud, you can check your results and follow your exercise history

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personalized workouts

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Create program

Create your workout using the planner and enjoy unlimited variations of the selected exercises

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Select exercises

Choose from hundreds of exercises for each part of the body and watch workout video tutorials

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Set the duration

Train when you want. Choose the days of the week you will workout on or set training and interval spans

track your stats

Statistics can be presented in two ways - table and graph. Both sections list the used machines at the top of the screen. This approach allows users to quickly navigate through the statistics. The graph view displays a summary of the entire training session. After clicking on the graph, the user has the opportunity to examine workout results in detail by selecting the individual dots marked on the chart lines


share your best results

SOLO Workout not only tracks your workout data but allows you to share results with your friends! Just select a workout from statistics history and let your friends know about your accomplished goal

get in shape
with SOLO

Our app makes it easy to track your workout progress. Create your own, customizable workout plan, watch tutorial videos, set your goals, and achieve them with SOLO Workout! Stay in touch with your personal trainer and get detailed instructions and feedback based on reliable workout data

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