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Why do people quit training?

Emotions get the better of them!

Let us face the facts, most people do not enjoy pushing & pulling weight around unless it's absolutely necessary or otherwise results in an immediate or near-term reward.

Picking up a glass to drink to quench thirst, or picking up a box of pizza to satisfy taste sensation gives us an immediate or near-term reward.

The few people who do enjoy pushing and pulling weight around are usually already doing resistance training or labour intensive work for remuneration.

There is no immediate or near-term reward with resistance training. In most circumstances, it takes months or even years to see noticeable improvements. Most people simply give up because it's too hard.

They get injured and never fully recover!

The lack of awareness while performing a resistance training may and often does result in injury at some stage in a person's fitness journey.

Through my observations, I often see people looking in the mirror, but it’s generally for self-confidence rather than self-awareness.

On a weekly basis, I see both men and woman doing squats in front of the mirror, then even turning to the side to do some reps while they check out their posture. With a heavy load on their shoulders and necks turned to the side, it's only a matter of time before they get injured.

Support Article: Greg:

"Those who don’t track lifts are usually:

Not pushing themselves hard enough because they don’t know the amount weights, reps, or sets they need in order to progress ." = De-Motivating

Pushing themselves too hard and take themselves to an extreme where they will experience too much fatigue in the central nervous system." = Injuries.

Support Article: Rahul Yadav,

"5 Reasons Why You Will Fail to Achieve Your Fitness Goals in 2018"

Not knowing what to do = Injuries

Not Setting goals properly = Need to define a goal, specifically, Have a program.

Not defining deadlines correctly = Accountability

Lacking Consistency & not following through = Accountability

Looking for shortcuts = "most people don’t get much short-term motivation from long-term goals" *

* Source: John M. Grohol. 29 August 2018

Additional Reasons

Support Article:

16 March 2015: "Your Fitness App is Making You Fat, Here’s Why"

"People who dislike physical exercise elicit a psychological phenomenon called “moral licensing,” which makes them more likely to over consume to reward their hard work. Without a base of proper nutrition, we can’t exercise ourselves thin. = Loss of Motivation as body transformation goals & Health Markers not achieved.

The psychological phenomenon of “reactance” shows people tend to resist doing things they feel coerced into completing. Attempting to form habits for behaviours people feel they have to do instead of wanting to do does not work over the long-term. = Emotionally Unpleasant feeling

Fitness trackers that don’t differentiate the types of calories people consume and don’t help users learn to enjoy exercise perpetuate the problems associated with yo-yo dieting and make people gain weight over time." = Loss of Motivation as body transformation goals & Health Markers not achieved.

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