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Pre-order the SOLO range of smart devices and be the first to get exclusive benefits for your members & trainers.


smart solutions for the entire gym floor


login unit

The retrofitted login unit can be installed in minutes and allows users to simply tap on to connect. 

Works with all common devices including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, existing entry key fobs.


Customisable to suit a range of colours or branding options.

stacked weight

machine sensor

Paired with the connected gym reader, the stacked weight machine sensor allows for the accurate tracking of all workout related data including the amount of weight used.

With no moving parts, the sensor is a set and forget solution.

Designed to work with all of the leading commercial brands, bring new life to your existing machines. 

stack-weight-sensor - 2.png



The SOLO workout tracking application is free to download and use and you don't even have to sign up. 

Simply download the app and tap onto any SOLO connected gym reader to start tracking your workings automatically.

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Google Play Store - Logo.png

movement sensor

for free weights

A robust and versatile device that combines machine learning algorithms with high-end electronics. The SOLO movement sensor can be applied directly to barbells & plate loaded machines.

The solution is compatible with all NFC enabled equipment including smart gloves and NFC weights. 

smart gym

network hub

SOLO is dedicated to providing consistent and accurate data streams via a secure encrypted network.


Our smart gym creates this private network that allows for hundreds of devices to be always connected, with zero dropouts even during peak usage.

The smart hub allows for the data to be securely stored and backed up to cloud services.

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