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Let us do all the working logging so you, the trainer can focus on motivating your client

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simple way to connect

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Gain customers from all over the world

SOLO Workout is available in five markets around the world

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Choose the perfect workout planer

Attract customers, organize and plan workouts in one place! With a schedule tailored to your working hours and a constant overview of the customer base, you will be able to manage your trainees' workouts even more effectively

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Be a master of your own time

SOLO Workout makes it possible to perform a remote coaching session. Schedule a remote SOLO Workout coaching session with your in-person clients. Now you can effectively lead a workout from any place!



SOLO gives you the possibility of creating and assigning workout programs. You can easily follow the progress of your customers

SOLO Chat  helps to better understand your customers. You know where they have started, where they want to go, what experiences they have had, and how they like to train


Follow your customers' progress and give feedback to encourage them to stay motivated. Automated workout tracking allows you to check sets, reps, weight used, dynamics, time, range of lifting and distance for cardio workouts

You can also become a role model for your trainees much easier by using SOLO Workout and sharing your own exercise routine with them

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enroll in the beta program

We’re on the home stretch with this app’s development. If you enroll in the beta program now, you won’t be charged for the premium functionalities when we introduce payments in this app

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