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we make regular gym
equipment smart

the only affordable and easy to implement way to upgrade your gym


how it works

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the SOLO system can be installed in just one night. You don't need to take any breaks at work

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the user-friendly application makes it really simple to connect to your equipment

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sit back and monitor your entire connected gym floor from any location

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the simplest way to modernize your gym

the application collects data about series, reps, weight, exercise time, distance, and many more. SOLO allows users to create personal workout plans

set and forget

we understand that you are busy running your gym. We made sure that our smart gym solutions require minimal maintenance possible

It's a set and forget solution that you and your staff will love


optimise your
gym floor

The SOLO panel allows gym owners to know which equipment is being used. Manage your gym with our user-friendly dashboard

supports a full range of equipment


coming soon!

Stack machines


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get in touch with us

It's done!

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