For gym members

the easiest way​ to track your workouts...

The SOLO automated working tracking system allows gym members to simply tap on and track their workouts in real-time.

SOLO is the first product in our range of smart gym solutions. It allows for accurate tracking of workouts without any hassle. Simply tap on to connect.


Download the free app and tap on

to any connected equipment


Focus on training while your workouts are automatically logged for you


Check your results or workout history and see what to next via the app

automated workout tracking

Tap on to automatically capture your workout data including sets, reps, weight used, calories burned and much more

SOLO automatically identifies which the type of workout through our machine learning algorithms

making dumbbells


SOLO embeds directly into selected dumbells allowing for the automated tracking of free weights.

gym owners can also know exactly which dumbbells are being used, ensuring they are never laying around.

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