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we make regular

gym equipment


Our solutions provide the benefits of a connected gym experience for gym owners, members and trainers.  


gym owners

The simplest way to modernise your gym


gym members

The easiest way to track your workouts

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We care about our personal trainers

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custom branded smart gym solutions

We understand the value of your brand and made sure that our solutions are your solutions, with custom colours, logos and themes available for premium customers. 

The login unit is easily attached to existing gym equipment, allowing your members to experience a connected workout by simply tapping on with any smartphone, smartwatch or entry tag.

accurate workout
data for your members

SOLO workout makes collecting workout data of
your members easier than ever.

We automatically capture data, that until now, has only been available on modern smart equipment. Including machine usage, weight logged, reps, sets and much more.

All this data will be available in real-time through your existing fitness applications, keeping your staff and members on track.


retrofit your equipment 

Independent of OEM

Easy Installation

Supports all machines


deliver connected experience 

Automatic workout tracking

Personalised workout plans

Remote coaching


get usage data

Monitor your equipmnet

Empower member engagement

Optimise your gym floor

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