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personal trainers

Let us do all the working logging so you, the trainer can focus on motivating your client.

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personal trainer app

For personal trainers

SOLO is the first product in our range of smart gym solutions. It allows for accurate tracking of workouts without any hassle. Simply tap on to connect.





with your members



your members

remote coaching

SOLO gives possibility of creating and assigning workout programs. You can easily follow the progress of your customers 

SOLO Chat  helps to better understand your customers. You know where they have started, where they want to go, what experiences they have had, and how they like to train.

data-based engagement

SOLO gives You possibility to follow progress and give feedback to encourage the customers to stay motivated. Automated workout tracking including the amount of weight used, reps, sets, range of motion and more.

The coaches are on their own fitness journey with SOLO which brings great comradery to customers experience and takes the workout
to a higher level

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